Finding Balance & Adventure.

Well... shoot dang and holy cow! It's been absolutely insane balancing between my lettering projects, being a full time student, working, and maintaining proper social/health necessities. Somehow I'm making it all work, but sometimes I can't help but wish I was done with school so I could move forward with my lettering. Really just taking it a day at a time, letting things fall into place, and hoping that I don't keel over (thought I would have last week with spending 45+ hours in the sculpture studio, but somehow pulled through). 

A couple weeks ago, I received an invitation to go hiking in Colorado for a few days. Now, at first I thought there was no way that I could go with all of my responsibilities. But I decided that a healthy dose of spontaneity and adventure wouldn't be bad. As I climbed up a mountain, I realized how often we get settled into our repeated, mundane schedules. Sometimes it's important to leave for a few days and hike a mountain because an occasional escape into adventure is something that's going to help find balance amongst responsibilities and stress. 

Cheers (and healthy bouts of adventure),