New Beginnings.

After leaving Minneapolis College of Art & Design and transferring to Hastings College in January 2014, I was stuck in a schlump. Not going to lie, I spent many hours stressing that I'd made a mistake, and I was frustrated with myself for making work that I wasn't happy with. One of my biggest fears about leaving MCAD was that I'd fall behind on my design skills as compared to my art peers. There is probably truth to that, but I reached an understanding that not being at an art based school would allow me to focus on personal work and self teaching. After finally figuring that out at the end of the semester, I spent a second summer working at Camp Fontanelle (a Christian summer camp near Fremont, NE) where I was able to refocus on important things and realized what I wanted.

With that, August 2014 brought me a fresh and exciting start: 

  • KATEWORKS was launched as a brand (and as a Facebook page that reached over 100 likes in three hours).
  • I remade my website into this lovely thing.
  • I realized that I want the direction of my work to go more towards lettering and illustration, rather than graphic design.
  • I developed a list full of ideas for future projects and products over the next couple of months.

I'm starting off my junior year ready to make a lot of (hopefully) good work, while balancing as a full time student. I'm ready to go though, and I'm super pumped about what the next couple of months are going to bring with KATEWORKS.