Award: Worst Blogger in the History of Blogging

I'll try to do better! I swear!

(Actually, maybe... habits take a while to change and I can't seem to get on board with this blogging thing)

I've got a lot on my plate with getting everything made/put together for my upcoming junior thesis show on May 1. Definitely a workaholic, definitely forget to eat sometimes, definitely have more coffee than blood in my body, but I'm making work that's moving in a new direction that I'm very excited about. The lettering content is focused on encouragement because SO MANY people need teeny pick-me-ups every day and if that's something I can bring to people, my job is done. As with new directions, my work is moving towards simple lettering but more detailed patterning influenced by Japanese textile and the whimsical qualities of the Art Nouveau movement. Trying to break some rules like Ed Fella did with his making graphic design more artistic. Maintaining my quirky/whimsical qualities and colors because that's so "me" and I don't want to move away from that. Anyways, It's exciting seeing my show come together and I'm sure I'll become even more of a crazy person as it gets nearer, but I've got buddies looking out for me to make sure I eat and socialize at times.