Every time I trim my own bangs, I cut them a little crooked so I trim a little more. I tear up when I see basset hounds, but I find it difficult to cry when I'm "supposed" to. I always skip the number 16 when I count out loud. I wear red lipstick when I want to feel powerful and tough, because some days I don't feel like I am. I want to own a flower shop and sell my work there, but I'm terrified I'll fail. I avoid conflict and arguing but I feel like that makes me seem weak. Or maybe that makes me strong. Sweet. Whimsical. Empathetic. Such good, important words that I've heard other humans use to describe me. I try to be those, but how I see me and my tiny quirks make me Kate. 


"how to be an explorer of the world — always be looking (notice the ground beneath your feet)"  Peek behind the vines consuming a shed, get out from the place you feel safe, don't be afraid to grow by exploring. Take every single day with gratitude and show a gentle heart to every single human you cross. Nourish your sweet soul by intentionally speaking and acting and breathing. Take it day by day, it doesn't matter if you don't have your life figured out quite yet. Explore and perhaps you'll stumble upon an adventure.


Begin acquiring less belongings. Worry less about the tiny frustrations that turn you into a negative being {perhaps you'll have fewer terrible days}. Soak in the environment with the souls you're closest to. Touch the textures in nature against your skin. Truly take in in what you're holding. Create. What inspires you?