KATEWORKS Studio: The Next Couple of Months...

After finishing up a FANTASTIC third summer working as a camp counselor at Camp Fontanelle (Nickerson, NE), I am beginning to plan out what the next couple of months will look like. I even bought a fancy planner thing and I'm going to attempt to actually use it this year, because I'm going to need it. Anyways, a few big projects in the works including: 

  • Rachel the Raccoon's Camp Adventures (children's book)! I will be finishing up the illustrations by the end of August so that we can begin the design and publishing process which is CRAZY and exciting. The book should be available by Christmas time 2015 if all goes well, which is also crazy and exciting. Today I am writing my illustrator's biography to send to the publishing company! Ahh! 
  • While I'm finishing the book, I also will begin to work on my senior thesis exhibition-- a huuuuge eight month long project. I have to make enough pieces to fill a gallery space but I have so many ideas and I cannot wait to get started. At the moment, I believe my plans call for going on many explorations + foraging for materials + gaining nature inspiration. I hope it will embrace the magic of childhood adventures. Possible outcomes (any or all) include illustration, lettering work, maps, a whimsical tent, bones, dried flowers + garlands, and foraged material.
  • Several other commissions/wedding invitations/logos/personal work. 

Obviously I'm going to be very busy artistically, and I am excited to see what these projects might do to affect my plans for post graduation in May, but first I have to finish my senior year of college and actually figure out adulting + how to balance everything that's coming up. Anyone else fakin' it until they make it?? I feel like a lil baby deer on ice sometimes. But hey, I'm sure we'll figure it out someday. 

Until then: to working, to big projects, to taking care of myself so I don't wither away like the plants I can never seem to take care of.