Two Shows, One Week!

I've had two sweet recent show opportunities to display some of my work! Keep scrollin' to read about them and see documentation. 

This first piece, Honey Bone, is an older refurbished work of charcoal, acrylic, ink, and a found jawbone. It'll be up for a few days in the Hastings College theatre gallery during the production called "Dinny & the Witches." Apocalyptic work was requested, and this is the closest thing I have to anything that fits that theme ;) 

I also have a few weeks featured in the Bronco Blend coffee shop (Hastings, NE)! Just a few pieces from my thesis show last May, and I'm sharing the space with Tim Rickett and Katherine Arias. Digital prints focused on lettering and patterning, and can be viewed or purchased in the "Work" or "Shop" section of my website! Apologies for the poor quality of these photos, the lighting was more //coffee shop darker chill mood//. You know the kind.