We are pioneers.

Today I’m excited to celebrate my two-year anniversary of KATEWORKS with the birth of something that has been rustling in my soul for a few months, though it wasn’t clear before — the hope that my future work will be an embodiment of the words above. My heart’s mission is to empower females as pioneers with biblically based strength. It can be so hard to find an authentic community in society today — but I want to change that.

I’m beyond humbled to share that this seed is fully influenced by my campers. I made it my mission this summer to remind them that they are seen, valued, worthy and loved by God and myself. So many of my girls opened their hearts to me and I found myself with a desire to invest in their fears, prayers and joys. There’s divine power in forming sisterhood — there’s something divine in igniting a passion for lifting each other up.

Women are goddesses in mind, body and soul. I can only pray with full humility that my future creative work will represent the words above. I have plans in the works of things to make that will be unveiled in the coming months. I cannot wait to share tools in encouragement as you pioneer through this life. Sisterhood has always been there. Let’s dive in further.


Much love,