The more I give my heart to God, the less I'm running towards my own plans.

I could sit at this table in my mom's house, coffee in hand, and try to draw out the blueprints of my life's next ten years. My brain could over think and let anxiety build a structure of a million possibilities, with step by step directions on how I could potentially do that but here's what could go wrong.......

And then the structure I'm trying to build will collapse into messy shambles of defeat.

Friends, it's impossible to write our own stories when we're also fighting to make big picture plans. It's not even our job to write our own story, anyways. I think God's been weaving the most beautiful tapestry for each of our lives since before the day we were born.  

I've started to simply breathe in and out, figure out the first steps to make things happen. I've found that when I do this, my soul begins easing into this freely calm and wildly trusting state. The more I give my heart to God, the less I'm hastily writing my own plans that never seem to work out in the end.

I'm making myself be still and listen. It's in the silence that I'm figuring out my core motivations and desires for the "why" I want to do specific things. I pray for intentional opportunities to come at the golden moment, that God moves my heart away from my own hasty planning. I pray the same for you too. 

Can any one of you add a single hour to your life by worrying? Matthew 6:27