Currently: September 13, 2016

Hi friends! I fell asleep to a thunderstorm and it served as my alarm clock this morning too. How that made me wish I was back at camp in an A-Frame cabin. The sound the rain makes drumming against the green tin roof is my absolute favorite. Speaking of camp...

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Camp Fontanelle's Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch — Nickerson, Nebraska
Okay, so I'm biased because I've worked at camp for four summers but I promise it's great. The annual BBQ is this Sunday and that marks the start of the fall season — which offers a ton of affordable weekend options... zipline, corn maze laser tag, jumping pillows, a barn of animals, delicious snacks, dang good people and TONS more. Click the italicized headline for details and location! There's a reason Camp Fontanelle is my favorite place. You'll have to visit to find out why. (Also, I'm working there on the fall weekends, so come by and say hello!) 

Roald Dahl Day
Fantastic Mr. Fox, Matilda, The BFG, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, so many whimsical childhood favorites... Explore the stories, characters and more on the Roald Dahl website! It would have been the author's 100th birthday today. 

Why jerks show up in your life...
Danielle LaPorte has a way of speaking truth in a tough love sort of way that is also incredibly empowering. Her library of articles tend to shove me down a rabbit hole of wisdom. "We attract jerks so that we can take back our power and heal." Yes. 

I guess this stuff is essentially a glue stick for your nose so your glasses don't always slide down. I haven't tried it myself but maybe it's worth the $10 so I don't have to adjust my glasses 24/7. 


Ohhio Instagram: Anna Mo. Chunky Knits
It's 60 degrees and rainy outside in Nebraska right now and all I want to do is curl up with a book in one of this Ukrainian knitter's chunky blankets. How cozy do these look?? The artist uses giant knitting needles and there are some process videos on her Instagram. 

Rules to Live By — written in my journal in 2014 and posted on my bedroom wall since.
Be kind and sweet to everyone you come across. Walk and breathe with grace, purpose, and empowerment. Attempt to slow down on over thinking Wear soft clothing. Listen intently to the words others say. Listen to God. Pray not for things, but for wisdom and courage. Be tough minded but tender hearted. Treat your body as a temple for your spirit. Allow balance between work and rest. Be comfortable in your situation and imperfections.