Currently: September 20, 2016

I found some fabulous things to peak your interest on this nice Tuesday afternoon! Anyone else feel like the fall weather is playing tricks on us? Still wearing a cozy sweater, even though it's 90 degrees in Omaha. Regrets are slim. Click the headings for more info! 

The word "bravery" has been tugging at my heart the last few days, especially because it keeps showing up in actions or things I stumble across. I'm reading "Let's All Be Brave" by Annie Downs and the words above are a few of many that I've underlined with my favorite pen. My study on bravery is kind of changing my life, so stay with me as I'm planning to write up a blog post on the subject in the next couple of days!

Dallas Clayton on Fame
It's not about the fame, it's all about the human experience. Dallas Clayton is massively inspiring me with the way he relates art to the world. Follow him on Instagram and check in occasionally to see if he's posted a story — his quirky musings as he colors in ghosts with crayons provoke thought in my corner. 

Bundle Dyeing
I'm kind of obsessed with textile and woven work — I have an unfinished project from a few months ago that's a ceiling high column of knotted drop cloth strips. Thinkin' about finishing it off with some natural dyeing as shown in this beautiful Design*Sponge demo! 

Nostalgic travel posters of extinct animals.
Also featuring the Stellar's Sea Cow, dodo, moa, thylacine, the giant galliwasp, and the golden toad. This is Unknown Tourism's project of vintage-style travel posters to commemorate some of the earth's extinct animals. 

Hedgehog in the Fog (Yuriy Norshtyen, 1975)
My camp roommate showed me this Russian existential stop motion in the office one night during the summer. The hedgehog decides to explore the fog because he's curious if a horse will choke if he lies down to sleep in the fog — all the while, he's trying to bring raspberry jam to his bear cub friend so they can watch the stars as they do every night.