Currently: September 27, 2016

If there's one thing you'll catch me nerding about besides fonts, it's Harry Potter. No shame. With all the scary stuff going on in the world and the serious election day nearing, the Patronus quiz on Pottermore seemingly unveiled at the golden hour. I found myself watching my otter travel through the dark woods and an undeniable wave of calm surprisingly washed over my anxious mind. A person's Patronus is a guardian built on a memory of absolute happiness, meant to protect against dark things like dementors (and maybe Trump). I grew up with the story and having a Patronus now is kind of magical. 

While the Patronus quiz was the most sentimental thing popping up this week, I found a few more that you might like! Click the italics for more details on everything. Enjoy the last few days of September, friends. It's almost time to break out those $3 Goodwill cardigans. 

Pottermore Patronus
Memories of my childhood adventures with Harry, Ron and Hermione flooded back when my otter appeared from the silver cloud. Growing up, I felt a kinship with Hermione that never dissipated, so sharing a Patronus with a girl I so frequently wished to be friends with did mean something to me, even now as a 23-year-old. Also an otter supposedly means play, laughter and feminine wisdom. Nerd ramble over. Still no shame. 

Did you take the quiz? What's your Patronus? 

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young
I recently bought this daily devo after my sweet camp friend Morgan showed me her copy over the summer. The content is essentially a short note written from Jesus' perspective and the daily words seem to strike my heart in exactly the right way — there are also a few verses on each page to supplement the content. The gold page detailing strikes my heart too. Invest in this book if you're looking for daily initiative to get into the Word. I recommend fully! 

I've been a longtime listener to Sufjan Stevens and when I heard this song a few days ago, I closed my eyes and let the sounds resonate to my soul. Not often that a song truly digs into my heart but "Death With Dignity" did. 

Learning to Be
I stumbled across a blog called "That First Year: Tidbits and Tales from that First Year after College and Beyond," and so many of the words make me shout, "YES! Me too!" If any of you readers are newly out of college and navigating the waters of the actual adult world, take a look here for some sweet words of encouragement. 

Selfoss Cake
How exquisite is this cake?? It's also Icelandic and if you remember my very first Currently post, Iceland is at the top of my "to-travel to" list. Photographer and author Jen Jacobs says this of the cake in her blog: "Iceland is another planet. A moonscape of ice blue, jet black, and neon green. While co-leading a visual storytelling workshop last year, we spent the days on the road exploring. One of our first stops was the small town of Selfoss for coffee and a cocoa-whipped meringue pie studded with chocolate-covered raisins, boiled peanuts and a drizzle of honey. As we traveled through the West Fjords and the southwest coast, we found meringue cakes in nearly every café we visited, but I fell hardest for the slice in Selfoss. This is my interpretation of that dessert."

Skimm the Vote
While this is the last bit for this week's Currently post, it's the most important. There are no excuses to not vote in a few weeks. There's a lot riding on this election and hopefully that sank in after last night's debate. The Skimm has made it easier than shaving your legs to double check you're registered and ready to go. You can apply for an absentee ballot if you want. Just vote. It's your right and it matters.