Currently: September 6, 2016

Happy September! I hear the resounding stomps of Pumpkin Spice Lattes marching closer in herds (give me coffee instead, please). 

Here's the second installment of Currently: {___}. This week's features some a cheese plate for lumberjacks, flowers in space, and more. Click the italic headings for the links and read on, friends. Read on. 

The Grate Outdoors Cheese Plate Set from Modcloth
So whimsical. So woodsy. So perfect for a bearded babe who lives in the forest (or for a lady who swoons over the thought). Also, are you an adult if all you want to buy are adorable hand towels, sugar bowls and drawer knobs? I want all of my home decor from Modcloth. 

In case you missed the news yesterday, I'm now offering grab bags of Peach Notes and Greeting cards! If you like opening up mail with a sweet surprise, this is for you. Even better, you can send these off to people who might need a little extra love... don't we all?? 

Asphalt Archaeology
Who didn't dream of sticking things in wet concrete when they were younger? Mikhail Mishin photographed some urban fossilized finds and said, "Every so often, a loose object kicked or dropped or tossed behind a boundary of construction barrels becomes trapped in soft asphalt and, like an insect in amber, preserved in time." 

Artist shoots a bouquet of flowers into space
This made me think of my thesis floating around in space and projecting a small work of a human's hand in nature projected into the vastness of the universe. I loved what Makoto Azuma said: "Flowers have a very strong existence. A human needs flowers and plants to live, but flowers and plants do not need humans. They are so strong." Makes you think about how we should treat our Earth. I could go on and on about this but basically — we need nature. It doesn't need us. Treat it that way.

Hannah Brencher on Jealousy
"Process this with me for a second. We only have two emotions: love and fear. Every other emotion sits in one of those two family trees. You're experiencing jealousy. Jealousy is a bucktooth cousin of the Fear Family. He's sitting there in that Fear family photo wearing a wool turtleneck and righteous comb over." -HB