This is a love letter to the ones who evening dream on Sundays, to the ones who sit in a quiet space between four white walls covered in dying flowers as the clock slowly ticks at 4:52. If you live with nobody else, perhaps you haven’t murmured a single word since leaving church this morning, both a blessing and a curse.

As the sun goes back into hiding, the golden hour will turn towards a gradient of shadows that cross the living room floor. This is when the dreamers emerge from the woodworks to grow the One Idea.

I think maybe lonely Sunday evenings were designed to romanticize the dreamers. We fill our lungs with intentionally breathed air. We start nurturing the One Idea when we're restless because Netflix and novels aren’t filling the empty spaces anymore, when we’re tired of watching the clock tick closer to 10:00 -- the sign that it’s not too early to lay our heads on our pillow for the night.

The One Idea is introduced as a character in your story when your brain is moving a million times faster than your body, when you've curled up in a cocoon of soft blankets with no intention of emerging.

The quiet creeps in from underneath the door cracks. Those who live alone either let it envelope us or we'll allow the quiet to become the golden scene for the One Idea's development.

Sundays are restful. Be still and listen because passion projects, the One Ideas, are usually planted as soul whispers.

Our minds start wandering to the situations in this shadowy world that need to be loved on or gently bandaged up, and our brains begin chirping to water the roots for the One Idea.

We remove the journal or the sketchbook from the precariously piled stack of books, open to the next clean page and start scrawling messy thoughts and simple drawings to document the web in our minds. The quiet becomes an intentional friend instead of a beast in the shadowed corner. 

The restless wigglings fuel us to act with our small hands, to bandage the cracks of darkness. When the dreamers crawl out from the woodworks as the sun falls asleep on Sundays, the One Idea waters a promising plant.

This is a continuation of thoughts from some writing I did last week. I was invited to write for Comeback Magazine (an indie magazine) about the One Idea and Bravery Mission. The quarterly magazine will be published soon and I can’t wait for you to read more about my heart whispers about developing the One Idea! 

Here is Comeback’s mission statement, I'm slightly obsessed with it ::

“Comeback is a collection of stories with the sole purpose of helping anyone lost to find a path. Comeback believes that no one is in the same place as another. Comeback reaches through the vast resources available to today’s generation and takes back the purest, realist advice to provide a beginning for self-discovery, motivation, and curiosity. A comeback is not just a return to former glory; it’s going beyond what was thought possible.”