Hello, friend. 

I’m Kate Laing — a writer, maker and explorer in pursuit of cultivating bravery.
Welcome to my corner. I hope you find it a warm space to nestle for a while,
as if we're sitting down in a coffee shop together — mugs in hand, of course. 

This is a place for those with a lion's heart and babe, that means you.
If there's one thing I know for certain, it's that each and every one of us
has bravery rooted to our bones — whether we know it yet or not.

Look around a bit. Explore. Let curiosity steal you away for a moment,
both in this corner and in the wild and free beauty of this earth.

Here are some places you can start.
Simply click the following words or photos,
and away you'll go. 

… or you can read my latest blog post,
learn more about me,
or write some anonymous words.

Love you, Lionheart.

Kate laing

Founder of KATEWORKS Studio and Bravery Mission