Write me. You are welcome here.

Short or long, detailed or simple, I want to hear about your brave moments. 
Words have a power to make us say, "We are brave and we have fire knit into our bones."
This is a safe space. Please speak your story, my friend. It is laced with bravery. You are heard.

Submissions will be shared anonymously. 
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Your city? Or maybe a coffee shop? Under your favorite tree?

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A little disclaimer talk about "terms and conditions" :: 
Stories may be copy edited but the message will not change. Stories may be referenced or quoted in Kate's future content including (but not limited to) book writing, blog posts, social media posts, art works, etc. Due to anonymous context, references WILL be credited back to the Bravery Mission project. Submitting a story shows that you understand these conditions. Questions or concerns may be directed to katelaingkateworks@gmail.com.