This is a place for the lionhearts,
the Consistently wild souls,
and the everyday explorers.
That means you,
whether you know it yet,
or not…

Look around a bit.
You can find whimsical things here,
all meant to inspire exploration and bravery.
Let curiosity steal you away for a moment,
both in this corner and in the wild and free beauty of our earth.


Dear Lionheart, our April session of “A Month of Bravery Missions” has come and gone in a beautiful whirlwind of courage and discovery. This is a course I’ve designed to remind you of your bravery, and help you weave exploration through your days.

I’m making a few updates to this course after our beta run, and have decided to redesign the content into an ebook form. This will allow Brave Explorers to work on their own pace and begin at any time. The renewed AMOBM course will be released this fall, dear lionheart. Are you ready?

Here is what’s in store for you as we embark on this endeavor: sixteen Bravery Mission challenges, five Lionheart Anthems, a Facebook Community, access to the Brave Explorer Secret Library, a curated Spotify playlist, a personalized love letter, and more! Head over (here) to read more about AMOBM.

You have bravery rooted to your bones, whether you realize it yet or not. You have wisps of creativity in your soul and sparks of fiery strength in your eyes. Join me as we work to bring your bravery forth.

“I love reading the words Kate strings together. She uses her writing to help others see the goodness that is already around. She inspires presence and bravery and connection. This course was a neat experience to do things outside of my normal routine, To do things that require me to take notice.”

Annie (April Session of AMOBM)

Bravery Mission is a passion project that’s near and dear to my wild soul.

Why? Because bravery is found in all the corners of golden success and tarnished falls. 
It isn't always about grand gestures or daring actions. It's not the absence of fear. 
It can be deep breathing and focusing on not giving fear permission to rule our days.
It's giving ourselves grace even if some moments, bravery seems like a tough battle. 

Short or long, detailed or simple — I want to hear about your brave moments, lionheart. 
I strongly believe that our words have power to say we have fire woven in our bones.
This is a safe corner, my friend. Find out what bravery means to you.