A Month of Bravery Missions

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A Month of Bravery Missions

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Doors have closed for the April session of A Month of Bravery Missions — but don’t fear! We will do another session later on in 2019.

Dear Brave Explorer,
You have bravery rooted to your bones, whether you realize it yet or not. You have wisps of creativity in your soul and sparks of fiery strength in your eyes.

I’ve been preaching about bravery for a few years now, and I’ve learned this:
Bravery is found in all the corners of golden success and tarnished falls. 
It isn't always about grand gestures or daring actions. It's not the absence of fear. 
It can be deep breathing and focusing on not giving fear permission to rule our days.
It's giving ourselves grace even if some moments, bravery seems like a tough battle. 

My lionhearted friend, this is a month-long mission that is intended to remind you of your bravery, and encourage you to weave exploration throughout your days. Join me as we work to bring your bravery forth.

Click here to read more about A Month of Bravery Missions.

Here is what’s in store for you as we embark on this month-long endeavor!

Bravery Mission Challenges
15 intentional challenges presented over the duration of the month—meant for Brave Explorers to step into different levels of bravery, and noticeably begin weaving courage through their days.

Lionheart Anthems
There will be four Lionheart Anthems with words laced in courage. An anthem will be emailed at the start of each week as a printable download.

Facebook Community
This is the gathering hub of our Brave Explorers. There will be daily check-in prompts and opportunities to share experiences from our missions. This is a safe space for participants to have support and conversations with fellow Brave Explorers throughout the month, and to continue building community afterwards.

Bravery Map
A questionnaire sent out before April 1 to help Brave Explorers think about their mission & what they need encouragement in. These answers will be read only by me, as I use them to assign optional Bravery Partners and write a personal love letter to each participant at the end of the month.

Bravery Partner (optional)
I will “matchmake” you to a kindred spirit, based on your questionnaire answers. This person will hopefully become a friend and encourager, in a cozy one-on-one space in addition to our Facebook community.

Love Letter
I will write a personalized letter to help send you off at the end of the month, equipping you with encouragement to continue living your own Bravery Mission.

Access to Spotify Playlist
Curated songs to make your lion’s heart beat a little faster; a reminder of the Force of Nature you are.

And more!

You are a Brave Explorer, whether you know it yet or not.

I’m passionate about walking with you as you discover more of the courage that’s already laced in your bones. I want to root for you through April, and beyond. If you’re not sure this is for you, I’d love to talk out your hesitation. Please slip into my Instagram DM, or email me at hello@katelaing-kateworks.com. Let’s embrace your bravery together.

  • AMOBM launches on April 1, however you will be emailed with welcome materials and a questionnaire before then. You’ll also receive an invitation to join the Facebook community before the end of March!

  • Sign up on your own, or save $5 each when you register with a friend!

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